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Best Getting Ready Moments of 2014

The getting ready portion of the day is one of my favorites, as it’s filled with excitement, friends and laughter. Maybe a little bit of dancing if a bride isn’t stressed? Anyway, here are some real stunners from this past year. I want to hug each of my brides that made these moments happen.














Apple Pie Recipe

Don’t read this if you don’t have a sense of humor. K?

Every time, EVERY TIME, I hear the saying (or even say it) “This will be easy as pie” I scoff because pie isn’t easy. It just isn’t. My very very very good friend Megan once told me, “you can’t make pie angry, you have to make it with love,” and that has stuck with me. I’ve since only made pie twice, ever. Hey man, it’s been a rough few years.

Today, I’m going to share with you, to the best of my abilities, on how to make pie with love. First, here is a list of ingredients.

Pie Filling

- Sliced up apples
- Some sugar (lots. lots of it.)
- Cinnamon (lots of it. It’s healthy)
- Lemon juice
- Dash of cream
- Dash of nutmeg

Put in a bowl and mix that shit up. Mix it with love, tenderness and sweet caresses.


Pie Crust (The actual tricky part of it all)

- 2 1/2 cups of flour
- 1 tsp of Salt
- T tsp of Sugar
- a cup of Crisco.
- Cold water

Now, use a pie thing to mix the dry ingredients and Crisco together. Knead it with love and talk gently to your forming crust. It has to KNOW you love it. You can even whisper, “I believe in you” if you think it’ll help (it will).

When it seems sufficiently intertwined, slowly add water. The water is the glue for their lovemaking, so make sure you don’t overdo it. No one wants messy love. Once it seems pretty tight together, split it into two dough balls and put it in the fridge for an hour. After, that’s when you sprinkle some flour on a flat surface and roll it out with your rolling pin. Use water to bring certain broken pieces together (like communication for a relationship). The first dough ball rolled out will be the actual crust, so be GENTLE LIKE A SWEET LOVER WHEN YOU PUT IT INTO THE PAN. Patience will cause success. Don’t rush it. No one likes rushed love.

Then put the filling inside. High five the apples. They’re super excited.


Then create an egg wash with 1 egg and half a cup of water. The more you layer, the more it’ll brown. Then put it into the oven for like, an hour, at 350 degrees. Then let it cool, like you saw the ladies do in the comics.

Then eat your pie. Cause it’s delicious. Know why?

Because you made it with love.


Patrick & Jenna | Vintage Military Portrait Session

This gorgeous vintage military portrait session is just to DIE FOR. Good golly miss. molly, I am dying over here. Patrick showed up looking snazzy as hell, in his dress uniform and stern gaze. Seriously, this dude can pull off a smolder, am I RIGHT? Jenna was a blast, as Jennas tend to be. I commiserated how we used to be unique with our name and now people want their kids to be awesome, so they’re handing out our names like birthrights are candy at Halloween. AM I RIGHT? Not everyone can handle the awesome responsibility of being a Jenna! /rant.

But these two were awesome. They have been married for quite some times, but the romance is totally there. Patrick would steal kisses, making Jenna giggle. Since I only have two jokes I can ever remember, they laughed good naturedly at them, despite their cheesiness. Then Patrick got us into the air museum and showed me the helicopter that his grandfather flew. What a fun experience!

I had such a great time with these two. I cannot wait to show you some of these images! If you’d like your own Vintage military portrait session, check out my website here!

Vintage Military Portrait Session

Vintage Military Portrait Session

Vintage Military Portrait Session

Vintage Military Portrait Session

Vintage Military Portrait Session

Vintage Military Portrait Session

Vintage Military Portrait Session