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Asher’s Day Out | LGBT Family Photographer

Raise your hand if you remember this gorgeous and happy family!! I photographed them last year, but last year, Asher was…a three year old. And anyone with kids will know EXACTLY what that vague statement means. haha but this year, he was all about eye contact and smiles! Albeit, it was a tad interesting with the new family member, aka Wren the labradoodle! Try coralling a dog and a toddler!

Anyway, here is are their gorgeous family photos. I’m drooling over them!

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer


Whitney’s Clan | Kaneohe Family Session

When Whitney and I planned this kaneohe family session months ago, we never ever considered that maybe baby wouldn’t be in a good mood. I swear, I barked, howled, meowed, wore minnie mouse ears…I did EVERYTHING I could for a whole hour to get some eye contact. Towards the end, we didn’t even care about smiles. haha but in the end, this is what Whitney had to say about her experience!

Loved her work before she took our family portrait and obsessed with it after she took our family portrait! She did a great job at making us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Did I mention her work is amazing?! Love Love Love!

It’s always a pleasure to get at least one good photo and I feel like we did just that! I believe the title “Miracle Worker” is apt in this situation!

Happy Monday!

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer

Kaneohe Family Photographer


30 before 30

They say that one of the biggest no-no’s with running a blog is to NEVER start with a “sorry I’ve been so busy!” because you don’t want to apologize or create expectations or whatthehellever they have come up with.

Yet, I know there are people who read this blog all the time. It actually tends to blow me away with how many people read this blog. Makes me remember to watch my damn mouth! So for those expecting my normal MWF updates, I’m sorry!

Anyway, I’ve been focusing on myself and my second to last semester of school. This past month has been virtually devoid of work (comparatively to the summer) and it’s been glorious. I’ve bought new equipment, practiced new techniques, watched videos, watched too much TV, even got a stand up paddle board I’ve used a total of three times so far!

A while ago, I typed about losing my kefi. While I don’t think it’s entirely back, I’m well on my way and happy with the direction I’ve chosen. I did also mention that I was tossing around the idea of tossing my 101 things to do in 1000 days list. I felt that it had become insurmountable to the lack of time and funds I have. So instead, I created a NEW list. A 30 before 30 list! Because I turn 30 in like 2 years and I don’t want to hit the big 3-0 without…you know…accomplishing way too fucking much.

So here is my list. And watch me do it all.

1. Live abroad for at least 2 consecutive months.
2. pick a flight and just leave.
3. become bilingual
4. Get a bachelors degree
5. Photograph a birth
6. get my TEFL certification
7. Live somewhere new
8. attend a photography workshop
9. finish my thigh tattoo
10. Become debt free
11. Scuba dive in another country
12. Buy a house
13. Shoot 30 weddings in a year
14. Host a workshop
15. Shoot an international wedding
16. Photograph 20 women in 2015 for boudoir
17. Get a new piercing
18. Volunteer abroad to help women and children
19. Read and finish The Artist’s Way
20. Don’t eat out for a whole month
21. Host a dinner party
22. Sleep somewhere haunted
23. Give blood
24. Try a sensory deprivation chamber
25. Learn how to make three different cocktails
26. Try rock climbing
27. Fly first class at least once
28. Make a cake from scratch
29. Leaving open for possibilities
30. Leaving open for possibilities

So wish me luck all of you wonderful people!!!



A New Beginning

Those that know me, know I’ve been restless. I love my job, but I’ve been talking about leaving Hawaii for about…five years. In the past 10 years, I’ve done some pretty amazing things. I’ve done six years in the military, visited almost a dozen countries (all on my own), started a nonprofit, a dog training business and now a photography business that has become quite successful.

But my soul aches for more. I’m desperate to be uncomfortable in a way I’ve never experienced before. I want to see more of the world, try new things, to grow as a human and a citizen of this planet. I have always wanted to live abroad and finally, I have the balls to do it.

So this is my official announcement that I’m leaving Hawaii at the end of August 2015. I then will not be accepting weddings or sessions until January 2016. During that time period, I’ll be traveling to Thailand to get my TEFL certification, volunteer in Cambodia for over a month and then hopefully see a little more of Asia, before heading back to America to settle in….

Seattle, Washington.

This is abso-fucking-lutely terrifying. I am giving up a successful business in Hawaii to chase what my soul says I need. I’ll then, after months of traveling around Asia, tackle starting a new business in Seattle. I have to trust that in the end, this is the right choice for me. That my business won’t falter, that I’ll be able to pick it back up to almost where I left it. That’s probably a little naive, but time will tell.

I will be discussing it more in the future, but before then, here is my link to my Go Fund Me to raise money for the Cambodia trip. It’s for a wonderful cause and I’ll need to raise money to make it happen!

I’m super nervous about this blog. Putting it into the Universe puts things into motion, things I’m not even aware of yet. So here is hoping that nothing but good and wonderful things come of it. Words of encouragement are always welcome.:)


Alina & Sune | Haleiwa Wedding

These two….Alina and Sune flew all the way from Denmark to do a simple and awesome elopement in Haleiwa. You could tell that they had their own little world together, where they were each other’s rock. When I showed up, it was raining. Then it was sunny. Then it was raining. Typical Hawaii weather. I enjoyed spending time with these two, their confidence in one another was really amazing. When one felt nervous, you could see the other reach out to comfort. So we spent some fun and quiet moments getting some really fun images! They even climbed down steep rocks to get epic images!

At the end, we popped a bottle of champagne. During a beautifully pink sunset.:)