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Niccole and James | Hawaii Elopement Photographer

These two are nerds at heart, choosing to get married on PI Day, 3.14.15. How fantastic is that?? The Universe must have been feeling generous, because not only did we have a stunning sunset, we also saw pods of whales planning nearby, sometimes close enough for us to hear them breathe. It was magical! I love this low-key elopement and I’m sure you will too!

Oahu Wedding Photographer

Oahu Wedding Photographer

Oahu Wedding Photographer

Oahu Wedding Photographer

Oahu Wedding Photographer

Oahu Wedding Photographer

Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Hawaii Elopement Photographer


101 Things Update (almost done!)

For those that have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that I have been trying to finish this list since November, 2012!!! It’s almost done, finalized in August. The sad thing is that a few will be accomplished later this year, so this list will never be finished. But can I just say that it’s been a good run? That I accomplished in two years what most don’t in their lifetime? I’m not bragging, I’m just as bewildered as you are. To me, this is such an honest proof of manifestation and goal setting. I honestly thought, looking at this list when I first wrote it, that there was NO way I would even accomplish it. It was going to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, especially becoming debt free and paying off my car, going to Thailand, getting a Mac computer, etc. But I did it!

Have you made a list recently?

1. Go to Thailand and volunteer at an elephant sanctuary

2. Attend a photography workshop

3. Do a public speaking gig, anywhere.

4. Mentor at least two people.

5. Shoot an international wedding.

6. Take a cross country road trip.

7. Visit Universal Studios

8. Shoot 25 weddings in one year.

9. Visit Molokini

10. Master Off Camera Flash for receptions

11. Finish my thigh tattoo.

12. Learn how to do fusion.

13. Hire an employee.

14. Find a studio space!

15. Make a new friend.

16. Visit Arizona

18. Go to VEGAS!

19. Live somewhere new.

20. Learn how to do two new hair styles.

21. Buy groceries for someone behind me in line.

22. Do a photography trip that does raises money somehow for a non-profit

23. Learn to accessorize I bought watches, necklaces and even a belt!

24. Actually do a project I’ve found on Pinterest

25. Finish the E-Myth

26. Visit Germany again!

27. Stay in a hotel in NY

28. Gift an entire wedding to someone deserving.

29. Meet Sue Bryce

30. Meet Jasmine Star

31. Do the Dole Cannery Maze

32. Visit Kauai

33. Shoot at the Haiku Mill

34. Fly a kit

35. Have a wedding published in a magazine

36. Get published in Style Me Pretty

37. Work with a celebrity

38. Learn how to change the oil in my car.

39. Become debt free!

40. Watch all the episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia

41. Shoot my dream wedding.

42. Paint again.

43. Go camping. Successfully.

44. Be able to do five pull ups.

45. Do a 10k.

46. Go on a girls trip!

47. Read the Lord of The Rings series

48. Learn a little more about Photoshop

49. Shoot a session entirely on film and DEVELOP it.

50. Shoot a session entirely in black and white.

51. Do a session just for myself.

52. Host a workshop.

53. Buy a Tiffanys ring. Just for myself.

54. Research Family Tree.

55. Shoot a beautiful ranch wedding.

56. Say Yes for an entire week. To everything. As long as it’s relatively safe.

57. Buy dinner for a homeless person.

58. Go to a major industry event.

59. Buy two pieces of artwork for my home.

60. Read a biography of someone that I wouldn’t have normally read.

61. Go to my local library and borrow some books.

62. Go two weeks without drinking. I’m no alkie, but I love beer!

63. Apply to be on CreativeLive for anyone.

64. Buy a Mac! I need something bigger!

65. Finish a Bachelors Degree.

66. Learn a second language

67. Karaoke for the first time ever.

68. Learn how to grill a steak.

69. Make a homemade bread that isn’t from a box.

70. Learn how to successfully cook fish.

71. Protest for something important.

72. Reach 1000 likes on my Facebook page.

73. Throw a party for the 2 year anniversary of my business!

74. Shoot a wedding at Sunset Ranch

75. Submit my work to three photo contests

76. Become an OpLove photographer

77. Photograph a birth.

78. Successfully shoot the Milky Way

79. Create a mini shoot for an upcoming holiday and rock it out!

80. Master long exposure photography

81. Actually complete a 30 day blog challenge.

82. Grow out my hair

83. Organize a massive styled wedding shoot and have it published.

84. Shoot a wedding at a Vineyard

85. Ride in a hot air balloon.

86. Ski somewhere!

87. Afford to take a vacation and NOT work during it!

88. Save up money, go to an airport and take the next flight out.

89. Do a bridal show in a different city.

90. Mentor with another photographer.

91. Gamble for the first time ever. Hopefully win.(I won $5!)

92. Join a professional group, like PPA or WPPI.

93. Buy a good pair of flats. All I have is flip flops.

94. Get on the preferred vendor list with three vendors

95. Not watch TV for a whole week. (I cancelled cable!)

96. Do a full day at the spa, including hair, nails, massage, etc.

97. Pay off my car!

98. Join a bookclub.

99. Learn how to shoot with Kelvin.

100. Learn how to balance my life!