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Couples Exercise #1

So I’ve decided to undertake 5 couples exercises, for Jay and I to do and for me to blog about for you.:)I’ve scoured the internet and bribed Jay to do this with me. Each exercise will last 1-2 weeks, testing it out and letting you know what is mumbo jumbo and what isn’t.

This week’s Couple’s Exercise was something I hear from Montana Dennis, which was 20 positive touches a day can improve a relationship. He uses this technique with his couples (I do too now!) and I thought, “hey, what if this worked in every day life too??” which lead me to spending the past week incorporating this into our relationship.

So positive touches could be, but not limited to:

- hugs
- hand holding
- kisses on the cheek
- snuggles
- kisses on the hand
- ear nibbles
- dancing
- foot rubs
- massage in general
- a soapy shower together
- eskimo kisses
- sexy time (duh)
- tickles (to a certain degree)
- playing with hair

Jay and I have different ideas about physical affection. Surprisingly, I’m not as affectionate as him, partly because I’m pulled into so many directions that even a kiss seems tedious. This was REALLY good for us, because it required me to focus on making sure I reached that 20 and then some. Jay’s Love Tank has been empty, so this was a great way to start our journey living together.

And in case you were wondering, we never danced together. But I’m determined to teach him to two-step!

And because everything is better with a pretty picture…


Carolann & Nick | Kapolei Couples Session

These two love birds decided to do their kapolei couples session for their one year anniversary, almost to the day. We showed up for the gorgeous west side sunset and explored all of the gorgeous scenery this island provides. I loved that they were willing to do whatever popped into my brain, but what I loved most about these two was that they were just so natural together, just plain happy. I gushed at how easy together they were, requiring no thought or direction from me. All I had to do was take pretty pictures!

We were also seriously blessed with a STUNNING sunset, so thank you to the photography gods! The weather has been so tempermental, so this was a serious gift from mother nature!

So enjoy their easy love and pretty pictures. <3
Kapolei Couples Session

Kapolei Couples Session

Kapolei Couples Session

Kapolei Couples Session

Kapolei Couples Session








Jennifer & Rob | Hawaii Elopement

Jennifer and Rob came allll the way from Indiana to do their gorgeous Hawaii elopement. I adore elopements, because it’s just the three of us, with only a random person or two playing a musical instrument. When Jennifer contacted me asking about ideal locations, I thought of my favorite North Shore location and even though I was flying in from New York the same day, I knew it would be worth driving the hour to this spot.

And I was right. As Jennifer put it, she looked like Bridal Barbie, with gorgeous long hair and a beautiful dress. Rob looked like a handsome addition (okay, NOT an addition, but an integral part of the day!) and you could tell just how much these two loved one another.

The light was stunning and when I was gushing to Karie later, I think I said, (in an exhausted delerium) that if all of my weddings looked this beautiful, I would be the happiest photographer in the world. I also muttered that it wouldn’t be very challenging if that was the case, but I had already been up almost 20 hours haha

Anyway, I digress. Here is the gorgeous wedding and make sure you check out the cigar images. They’re so totally dreamy!

Hawaii Elopement

Hawaii Elopement

Hawaii Elopement








Hawaii Elopement

Hawaii Elopement











Miriam and Brandon | Hawaii Elopement Photographer

I think I’m quickly becoming the official Hawaii Elopement Photographer, because I’ve done so many recently and I just LOVE them. So much more time for fun photographs! With Miriam and Brandon, we were “blessed” with a very very humid day. I mean, we were SWEATING. Poor Brandon was just sweltering under his whole outfit, but in the end, as usual, we got some great images!

These two are really great together by the way. Brandon is a cop and Miriam is actually HR for Ross! How fun is that?? I love that store! haha They’ve been together for four years and wanted to elope before their reception the same week back at home.

In case you were wondering who the guy with the wolf t-shirt is, that is Captain Howie and if you’re wondering what that black thing he insisted on holding is, it’s a microphone….
Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Hawaii Elopement Photographer















Small, Medium, Large | Virginia Family Photographer

If a couple of the people in this session look familiar, it’s because I did Shante’s maternity session YEARS ago, when Carter was still growing in it. Now? Carter is a handful, doing zoomies around and around everyone, roaring at us and even biting his brother Cier whenever he felt like it.

Little did Carter know that I roar better than he does and that I can keep up with his energy levels. So in the end, we convinced him once or twice to take some decent images. By the way, his nickname is Medium. Small is Jax, an adorable four month old that gave me total baby fever. Easy smiles, only small amounts of drool, I loved it. And Cier was awesome to see again, seeing at when I photographed him three years ago, he REFUSED to smile. Now, he’s an easy smiler, entering high school and VERY helpful to Shante. I joked that the best reason to have a teenager is so they can push the carriage up the hill.

p.s. this session was done at Mt. Trashmore in Virginia!


Oahu Family Photographer

Oahu Family Photographer

Oahu Family Photographer