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Caitlin & Stephen | Cliffs and Waves

What on earth could possibly make an engagement session more gorgeous than cliffs and waves? Caitlin and Stephen’s stunning engagement session took place at Ka’ena Point in Waianae, one of my new favorite locations. It’s hot, bright and a bit…sketchy. But these photos? Totally worth the worry of a broken car window.

Caitlin requested beautiful light and I’m so excited to say I think we nailed it! These two packed so much heat, my job was pretty much done and completed.

I knew I wanted an epic photo of the mountains, as this is on of my favorite spots in Hawaii. I think we pretty much nailed it.
Waianae Engagement Photography
Cliffs and Waves Engagement Photography
At this point in the session, I was gushing about their images. I KNEW we were capturing pure gold in camera and I wasn’t wrong in the slightest. How gorgeous is this shot?
Hawaii Engagement Photography

I think what makes a serious difference in a session is when the guy is actually into and willing to create beautiful images. He often did sweet things without prompting, which is awesome not only for Caitlin, but for me to do my job. This image is a perfect example. I even asked them, “DID YOU PRACTICE BEFORE YOU CAME HERE?!?” and Caitlin swore she hadn’t. I’m not sure I believe her…


Stefani & Matt | Haleiwa Couples Portraits

Stefani contacted me back earlier in the year, with her twang and energy filling my phone. See, Stefani is a photographer over at Stefani Marie and she, like most photographers, are particular. I know I’m constantly on the lookout for a photographer around here that matches my vision. Anyway, she wanted photos that epitomizes the gorgeousness of Hawaii and despite it DOWNPOURING at the location we had chosen, we adjusted and found some amazing places anyway.

Sometimes, rain is a good thing. TAKE THAT MOTHER NATURE!

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Today is my Birthday

On this day…I am 28 years old.



Where have my years gone??

But let’s celebrate what I have accomplished thus far in my twenties. It’ll make aging easier to stomach.

1. I’ve visited 10 countries.

2. I spent six years serving my countries.

3. I’ve been married too many times.

4. I’ve started two businesses and a non-profit. One of the businesses are still going.

5. I’ve see Robin Williams live.

6. I’ve paid off four cars. I only own one.

7. I achieved my dream of hanging out with elephants. I can’t talk about it without crying.

8. I’ve been the guest at one wedding and been a professional at over 30.

9. I received my associates degree. I’m not entirely sure in what.

10. I’ve moved 8 times since I turned 20. All on the same damn island.

My momma says that I have lived more than some people will in their lifetime. Maybe. But that doesn’t mean I won’t go chasing after some more life.

Emily Piper Photographer


Lame Subject Line

Okay, let’s be real: I’m one tired lady. I had all of these grandiose plans on how my summer would go.

I’ll sleep in, spend days at the beach, work out every day!

Yeah freakin right!!!!

I’ve been working my ass off this summer and my bikini is sitting in a drawer, unused. Ugh. Hell, I’m lucky to make it to the gym occasionally! I’m grateful for the work, but I find myself losing my happiness. Everything feels like an obligation right now, even date night.

Must give boyfriend attention
Hang out with friends so they don’t think I hate them
Walk the dogs so they don’t maul me in my sleep
Lift weights to avoid jiggle arms
Find a place to live
Plan your half dozen trips for August
Call mom so she doesn’t worry
Eat something
Make sure all of my clients are pleased with their experience and images

Getting my drift??

I find myself eager for the fall, for school to start…but then I’ll be attending four days a week. So I’m not sure if I should be excited or not…

Okay, so life is busy right now. I’m napping a lot. But here is a pretty sunset.


Matt & Val | Eternity Beach

The weather lately had been doom and gloom, very weird for a summer on the islands. Matt and Val were looking to get married at Eternity Beach, a gorgeous small strip of beach by the blowhole. I love this beach, because it’s decent swimming, not a ton of people go down to it and my dogs enjoy jumping around!

But this day was not the day for jumping around like dogs, it was a day of I Dos and kisses. The wedding was running a little late, which is a panic moment for sunset weddings haha but in the end, with a little teamwork, we got some gorgeous photos at Eternity Beach. These two were so adorable together, just filled with smiles and kisses.

I should also mention that when I asked them to step closer to the water, I turned my back for a SECOND and next thing I knew, they were soaking wet. But Val just laughed, not bothered one bit. I should mention how important it is to have a mindset of adjustment on your big day. Hawaii weather, oceans and traffic are unpredictable at best, so when you come here, just know that things probably won’t go smoothly. You may have to eat your dinner a bit wet and sandy…but the photos! The photos! They’re so gorgeous, especially with the limitations nature presented us!







The blue of Eternity Beach is always fantastic.






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